New arrangement for Christmas

I was asked to perform a musical number for a Relief Society Christmas program about peace. I had been mulling around a hymn about peace in my mind for months. I felt like I needed to bridge the quest for peace with its answer, which is looking to the Savior. I took several hours over many days to make it happen. The result is this medley of songs centered around the hymn “Where Can I Turn for Peace.” Three Christmas hymns are mixed in and I performed it that night with a choir. The song is called “Christmas Peace Medley” and can be found under the “Downloads” tab at the top of the page. Feel free to download and share for personal use.

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One comment on “New arrangement for Christmas
  1. Amanda says:

    What a beautiful gift to your daughter. I have no doubt that she will treasure that all of her life. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us. Well done! :)

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