New Song- “Give Him Your All”

Cover-GiveHimYourAllAs followers of Christ, we all come to a point in our lives where we really have to choose.  I mean, really choose who or what will be the center of our lives.  When we are young, we can go with the flow.  But as we get older we get the privilege of examining our deep beliefs and values.  We can step away from Mom and Dad and begin to search our own souls.  What do we feel is right at our core?  What “tastes good” to our inner being?  What experiences can we reflect on to provide direction?  What feelings of our own can we trust?  Who or what can we look to for guidance?  Is God really important to us or not?

We each face this at some point in our lives.  Will we give our lives to God?  Will we hold back and not give our full hearts?  It is both terrifying and exhilarating to give your life to God.  It sure doesn’t mean you will be perfect, but that you honestly try to do God’s will every day.  And God rains down blessings we couldn’t have imagined.  He will take us down paths that we may not have seen.  Life will not be easier, but it will be satisfying to your spirit.  It truly is a leap of faith to “Give Him your all.”

And at last we come to a time after the choice is made, when action is required.  We know deep down that words aren’t enough. “Just ‘cuz you sing it, do you really mean it? Roll your sleeves up!”  This is part of the song.  And another line: “If you want to know what you’re really made of, you embark on His work.”  God will stretch us and push us and show us what we are capable of.  We just need to trust Him and Give Him our all!

You can find the song on iTunes here: iTunes

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