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StephanieWrite, write, write, sing, sing, sing. That’s what I’ve been doing for years. Well late last year I made the leap… time to take these songs to the next level! My co-writer Tanya and I were writing songs about the strength and joy of living the Gospel. And we wanted that message to be carried far! We are just bursting to share the lessons we’ve learned and put onto paper. But what does that take?

To record an album, you need a producer. Well, at least I did. Some musicians can pull everything together and know exactly what they need and who to call, but I need a bit more help. A producer will have a certain sound and vibe, and will help your raw songs to come alive in their special way. They pull together other musicians for recording instruments, make awesome arrangements of songs, become a sounding board for ideas, and make the whole process flow. They pull all the strings and bring it all together.

I had been looking, thinking and praying about who to choose as a producer for my first album for a long time. I have worked with a lot of producers and artists on other projects and wanted to find a good “fit.” I wanted someone who would understand me and my vision and believe in my songs. But I needed someone I would be comfortable with. I needed someone friendly who I could let my guard down with.

Enter Aaron Edson!  My husband actually met him first, and once I met him I knew it would be great.  He has a more modern feel with an electronic flavor.  We both want to make high quality music that’s more upbeat.  Once we met I knew it was the fit I was looking for.  Then we got to work!

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  1. Troy Deprez says:

    Keep up the wonderful work! I will follow you on Twitter.

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