Have you ever thought about your thoughts?

Yes, we’re getting deep here. We experience our entire existence through the filter of our thoughts. Raw information comes into our mind, but gets colored by our past, by our feelings and what we have learned before. Right or wrong, our thoughts shape our reality. Each one of us will experience life differently because of our thoughts.

Now, let’s shift gears to faith. What does faith in Jesus Christ really mean to us? It starts with a choice. A choice to really believe in something we can’t see. A choice to hope in an all-powerful source of love and knowledge. A choice to trust that life has more to offer than what we can see right at this moment.

And so, our thoughts begin to change. As we embrace a life of faith, our thoughts will shift. Instead of anxiety, we can think of peace. Instead of fear, we can think of God’s power. Instead of regret, we can think of repentance and change. Instead of despair, we can think of second chances. Instead of selfishness, we can think of God’s grace and gifts. Instead of sorrow, we can remember the love of God we have felt before.

Thoughts that are shaped by faith will change our reality. God has many blessings for us in the life to come. But God also has blessings for us now as we follow Him and choose a life of faith. “Come follow me,” He says to us. Our thoughts can be transformed and our very lives reborn.

So, back to the first question. Have you ever thought about your thoughts? Do you face life with a mind and heart full of faith? Do you trust God enough to follow Him in all things?

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