Photo Shoot~

Making an album is a long process, and there are many new experiences I have gotten to be a part of for the first time.  For years I imagined the celebrities on their photo shoots.  I envisioned directors, people holding lights, music blaring and most of all, everything being perfectly planned out.  Well, it came time for me to shoot some photos for the cover of the album, and the planning and ideas came from…. me.  Where was my director, and my perfectly executed idea?  I had anxiety in the weeks ahead of the shoot, not helped at all by crazy cloudy and COLD weather that kept blowing in.  I needed some visual inspiration.  I went to visit two stylists to try on different outfits and concepts.  Now that was fun!  These ladies let me look at their clothes to get ideas and let me borrow a few things.  I started to get a better handle on what I wanted to communicate through my clothing choices.

When I would get anxious, I would go back to the goal of this entire album: the joy and strength of the gospel. And the album name: Touching Sky.  As I looked at things to wear, I thought, what will tell people that I feel happy and strong?  What visual choices can I make that will shout excitement and joy?

The weather finally relented and we were able to venture out.  It was still cold, but the sky was clear.  When I get nervous, I wear jewelry to remind me of my family and friends.  It’s a quick visual reminder that centers me.  I got my hair and makeup professionally done (in my kitchen) and we were off!  My photographer had lights, an assistant, and rolled around in the snow to get great shots. I had a big, puffy, long coat that I wore between pictures.  My daughter came with me and helped to throw a scarf into the wind… couldn’t have done it without her.

The wind whipping around as the sun set was exhilarating.  I felt humbled and lucky that I get to have all these amazing new experiences.  I have had to step out of my comfort zone and trust that this is the Lord’s path for me, and it has been amazing for me to watch everything unfold.  And here is a small sneak-peek at one of the photos!

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