Family Matters

I grew up in New York, which is pretty dang far away from Utah.  My parents still live there, and my siblings are scattered from Washington DC to Kentucky to New Mexico.  I married into a great family, but they live in California. We really cherish the times we can get together, which was why I was so excited to have some of them visit the studio!

As you can see, my sister was enthralled by the whole process.  Actually this was taken when my dad was geeking out with my producer Aaron.  My dad is an electrical engineer and they began speaking to each other in the foreign language of tech-ese.  They chatted for a good 15 minutes while I showed the rest of them around the studio.

We finally got to work and I recorded the vocals for a song called “It’s okay to be Happy.”  The crew had some good input and it was a great day for my voice!  Not every day is a great day, but this day was.

Here is the crew, with the awesome white tiger that chills in the studio.  I have tried to tell each of them about this experience over the phone, but I loved actually being with them and hearing their thoughts.  I was so happy to share this with them (and my mom who came on a different day).  Life is good.

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