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Live Happy Album Cover 4

Have you ever gotten to do something that is just cool? I am proud to announce that I was invited to write a new theme song for local Utah talk show Studio 5! This is a show I actually watch and I was thrilled when Brooke Walker contacted me to talk about a new theme song.

Brooke and I got together for lunch and brainstormed ideas for the song. I asked a lot of questions about the show and what direction they would like to go. She is a wonderful and warm person and I enjoyed getting to know her better. And she is one of those amazing rare people who can speak her thoughts as she thinks them! I swear my mind and my mouth are not connected sometimes. Anyway, I worked with my co-writer Tanya and we put together a fun high-energy song called “Live Happy!” I got back together with my producer Aaron Edson and he made it all sparkle and have the energy we all wanted.

studio5friendsBrooke gave us some great ideas to work with. We chose to open the whole song with the phrase “elevate the every day.” I feel so strongly about taking the moments life gives us and being grateful for them. We can choose every day what kind of life we want to live. We can choose be present and aware of the beauty in the normal lives we get to live. It’s great to dream and look forward but we also need to breathe in and love the time we have right this very second. If we can slow down and notice everything around us life is pretty darn beautiful.

Studio 5 kicked off their 9th season on September 2 and I was so proud to be able to sing this new song live for a studio audience! I got to bring a few friends with me, including my beautiful baby. ¬†What a fun group! The show will use a 30 second version of “Live Happy!” for their show opener every day. If you would like to rock out to this song, you can download the full-length version from the places below. Have a great day and live happy!


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