New duet: “Come Unto Christ”

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What does it really mean to Come Unto Christ? In our daily lives and struggles, what does that really mean? I pondered this and settled in on one truth- it all begins with a choice. A choice to believe and trust and hope.

I am so pleased to share with you a very special project. This is a duet I wrote for a fireside over the summer. I fell in love with the words of a hymn, “Come Unto Him” but I wanted to change up the melody a bit.

I wander through the still of night
Where solitude is everywhere
Alone, beneath the starry light
And yet, I know that God is there.

I wrote a chorus and was able to literally add my own testimony to the words of that powerful hymn. When I was able to sing it that night, it was a very special experience.

Many people asked me about this song and I was able to figure out a way to record it professionally with the exceptionally talented Daniel Beck. I am so excited to finally let you listen!

bookmarks both sides Now, this is a digital-only release. Fine for yourself, but what if you want to give someone the song? For the first time ever, I have created a custom bookmark that has a unique code on the back to download the song. I have also created some great discounts for large groups. If you or someone you know works with the youth, this is perfect for the LDS Youth Theme. I have bulk discounts available for groups that would like to give the gift of a beautiful bookmark and song for Christmas or other end of year activities.

And please keep in mind that a portion of proceeds from this song will go towards Light cover text“>Reach the Children, a group of like minded Mormons and other Christians working in Africa.

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