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Need a little encouragement today?


New music video!! Check this out:

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Official CD Release November 23!

Touching Sky - Album Cover

I am excited to announce that my debut album will be released November 23!  You can find it right here, where you can buy a physical CD and have it mailed to you, or you can download the album digitally.

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What I learned from Trek (and I haven’t even gone yet)


My husband was on the news a few months ago, did you see him?  Well, more on that in a minute. At church I work with the Young Women.  I love it.  And this summer we are preparing to go

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Final vocals are DONE!

Song binder

Here you see my trusty song binder.  When I write a song, I usually write it out by hand first, then type it up, then scribble changes all over it, then type it up again.  I put all the versions

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Family Matters

I grew up in New York, which is pretty dang far away from Utah.  My parents still live there, and my siblings are scattered from Washington DC to Kentucky to New Mexico.  I married into a great family, but they

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Let the final vocals begin!

If you drove by this lovely home, would you guess that a fabulous studio is hidden inside?  Many studios are actually built right into homes.  This is the studio where a big step would take place… the final vocal recordings!

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Photo Shoot~

Making an album is a long process, and there are many new experiences I have gotten to be a part of for the first time.  For years I imagined the celebrities on their photo shoots.  I envisioned directors, people holding

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Scratch Tracks

Have you heard of a scratch track before?  Well, that’s the first step for all the songs you know and love on CDs or the radio.  A scratch track is a very simple, rough recording of the song.  The first

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Begin at the beginning

Write, write, write, sing, sing, sing. That’s what I’ve been doing for years. Well late last year I made the leap… time to take these songs to the next level! My co-writer Tanya and I were writing songs about the

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Big news!

I just signed a contract to record a full length album! I will be working hard on this over the next few months. I am excited to get started!

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